Got Art?

Photography has been a long time passion of mine. Ever since Dad bought me my little Petri camera at K-Mart by the popcorn and hoagie counter, I have enjoyed taking pictures. I would always convert my pictures into slides–and I’m glad I did–this format is easy to convert to digital files in the Facebook age […]

Leave your Heart in San Fran: Not your iPhone

Lost and Found It takes a certain earnestness to make a commitment to read a book of essays by a bus driver, this exposition being no exception.   What am I saying?   Thanks for reading!   The journey to publish a book has shown me who the avid readers are, the state of the […]

Information Gladly Given But Safety Requires Avoiding Unnecessary Conversation

I’d like to think I am an enigma as a Muni bus driver, because I do enjoy being of service and giving directions. Most operators, however, give the silent treatment. This posting on the bus should honestly read: Information rarely given, and when it is given, it is given with condescension and sarcasm: You only […]